PURE FINISH is the highest grade in buffing polish. Pure Finish is formulated to stay “wet” and allow you to work the product longer and remove very fine scratches and haze. Pure Finish helps you achieve the high gloss deep looking finish on your vehicle. Pure Finish is held to the same manufacturing standard as our Pure Cut. Pure Finish is free of fillers, waxes, polymers, and silicones.


Instructions For Use:

Shake well before and during use. BY HAND: Apply Pure Finish with a microfiber polish sponge using a side-to-side motion and applying pressure evenly. Work product then remove with a soft clean microfiber towel using the same side to side motion.

ORBITAL/BUFFER USE: Apply Pure Finish to bonnet or foam buffing pad. Spread product evenly with a side-to-side motion; very little pressure is needed. With a clean microfiber polishing towel remove product with the same side-to-side motion. 

Additional information

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16 oz, 32 oz, Gallon