CERAMIC MIST – is an easy-to-use version of ceramic coating, perfect for the weekend warrior or novice detailer as an introduction into ceramic coatings. Engineered for optimum slickness and ease-of-use while leveraging the latest in ceramic technology. Still producing the similar characteristics of Element coatings with likeness in hydrophobic properties and durability. Far superior to traditional waxes and a durability that is twice that of traditional paint sealers while having the simple application of a spray wax. Suitable for any and all surfaces.


Instructions For Use:

Spray product into a microfiber towel or directly onto surface. Be mindful of overspray, and buff into the paint like a traditional spray wax. Observe for flash and rainbowing while wiping into paint or vinyl decals. Ensure all rainbow streaking has been wiped as it indicates that product is curing and needs to be buffed to a shine. Apply liberally and with as many coats as desired, allowing 5-10 minutes between coats. Product flashes and cures very quickly, so no prolonged cure time is required. If surface is too hot for you to hold your hand on it is too hot for the product.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs

8 oz, 16 oz