PURE CUT is the cutting edge of buffing compound technology. Pure Cut gets its name because the product is a pure cutting compound with no unnecessary fillers or additives. The cutting abrasive goes through a grading process to measure and ensure the grit is a consistent 1000. This creates and even, predictable, and repeatable results when you use this product. We added a “wetting” agent to allow the compound to have a longer work time before finishing out to a shine. Pure Cut is free of fillers, waxes, polymers, and silicones.


Instructions For Use:

Shake well before and during use. BY HAND: Apply Pure Cut with a microfiber polish sponge using a side-to-side motion while applying pressure. Work product then remove with a soft clean microfiber towel using the same side-to-side motion.

ORBITAL/BUFFER USE: Apply Pure Cut to bonnet or foam buffing pad. Spread product evenly with a side-to-side motion; very little pressure is needed. With a clean microfiber polishing towel remove product with the same side-to-side motion. 

Additional information

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16 oz, 32 oz, Gallon