“ELEMENT G” – GRAPHENE is the highest quality, longest lasting, and most durable ceramic coating technology on the market. A ceramic coating is a silica based, “glass” coating that will seal and protect your paint. Ceramics stand out because of their unique protection ability derived from their special chemical makeup. They are chemically inert and non-reactive to outside forces such as UV, heat, and corrosion. These special chemicals are why ceramics are known for their amazing gloss and hydrophobic properties. Once Element G has been applied to a surface you will notice a greater brilliance as the coating reflects more light. The hydrophobic nature of Element G will cause water to effortlessly roll off the surface.

Element G should be applied by an experienced detailer or paint enthusiast. Element G does not conceal scratches and the surface should be meticulously prepared prior to installing Element G. We recommend your vehicle (or boat/aircraft) be buffed out with filler-free compounds, then a cleaner such as Element Prep should be used to prepare the surface.

When you buy Element G you get the product and two special applicator pads for the install. They are one time use and should be discarded afterwards.

DISCLAIMER:  Flynn’s Detail Products is not responsible for any damage and cannot guarantee the same results we achieve. We want to prepare our customers with the best knowledge and skills to be successful and believe anyone can achieve the same if not better results. We acknowledge that everyone has different skill levels and has different environmental factors. During our testing and extensive use, we have seen how ambient temperatures, humidity levels and other factors can influence this technology.


Instructions For Use:

Using the ceramic applicator provided, sprinkle a few drops along one side of the applicator, making a drip line.  Wipe product using left to right motion, then up and down motion in an approximate 2-foot x 2-foot area to attain complete coverage. The application technique resembles a basket weave. You will start to see the product “flash” which is a rainbow color effect on the paint.  It is the same look you see with oil and water mixed.  This is the appearance of the solvents dissipating/evaporating off the paint as the ceramic hardens on the paint surface.  Now take a short nap microfiber towel, such as our red microfiber towel, and lightly wipe this area using left to right motion until the rainbow effect is gone from this area.  Note:  The “flashing” process changes based on air movement such as working with fans blowing and weather conditions.   Never do this in direct sunlight or hot surface. 

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50 ml