This is the Flynn’s starter kit, which includes everything you need to make your car look good. It comes with a bottle of Carnauba Wash, Show Car Mist, Black Out and Cherry Wet Wax or EZ Carnauba Wax. With an included sprayer, tire shine applicator, wax applicator and two microfiber towels. All this comes in a heavy-duty plastic ammo can that is water tight and will hold all these items with a nice carrying handle.

The contents in the box are Carnauba Wash (car wash soap), Cherry Wet Wax, Black Out (Tire Dressing) and Show Car Mist (quick touch up detail spray). There is also a wax applicator (Blue Microfiber Sponge), Tire Dressing Sponge (Green/black half-moon shaped), Sprayer for the Show Car Mist and two Microfibers.

The Order in which these products should be used is:

1)Carnauba Wash soap mixed with a wash bucket and some water to wash your vehicle. This product is very concentrated and you only need a couple (2) ounces for a 5-gallon wash bucket.

2)After you have washed and dried your vehicle it will now be prepared for Wax (Cherry Wet Wax or EZ Carnauba Wax). These products have Carnauba based wax. Which will protect the paint and provide luster. This product will be applied with a wax applicator and removed with a microfiber after the product dries.

3)On dry Wheels apply the Black Out Tire Dressing. This product is very thick and paste like. It will leave the tire nice and dark with what we call a “Satin” finish. Wait several minutes before you drive the vehicle. This Tire Shine will not sling onto your vehicle assuming you allow it to suck into the tire.

4)Show Car Mist, is our final step. You simply Spray on and wipe off this product with a clean Microfiber. It is safe on ALL surfaces. If you just washed and waxed your vehicle it isn’t necessary. However, it is up to your discretion. This product is intended to be used to touch up a vehicle before going cruising or to a show. It is a quick step to bring a shine back to your vehicle in between wash and waxes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always wipe in the same direction when applying/removing wax and polish. Even our Show Car mist. I almost always wipe side-to-side and maybe front-to-back on the hood if I am standing in front of the bumper facing the vehicle.

ALSO, do not mix applicators and removal microfibers with each other. If you use a microfiber to remove polish, don’t use it to remove wax as well. Same for the applicators.

FINALLY, when washing out the microfibers, wash them together with a small amount of detergent. DO NOT use a Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheet. These will make the cloths streak.

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