SHOW CAR MIST – Show Car Mist (Miracle in a bottle) is designed to work fast and easy, adding shine on all painted surfaces, clear coat, plastic, glass, metal, vinyl and rubber trim. This exclusive formula is used to safely and quickly remove dust, finger prints, smudges, water spots and mild road grime. It is wax free, silicone free, non-abrasive and ant-static and anti-streak. It is safe for body shops. This product is safe on every surface to include fresh paint. Whether you want to prep for the judges or just enhance the shine before going out, Show Car Mist is the ultimate finishing spray, leaving your car with the clean wet look. It has a pleasant grape scent!

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Simply spray Show Car Mist directly on the surface to be cleaned and buff off using a microfiber towel, using a straight motion; no circles. May have better results using two-towel method; one for heavy wiping and one for finish. Also, may spray Show Car Mist directly onto a microfiber towel then wipe surface using a straight motion, no circles, and then dry with a second towel.

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16 oz, 32 oz, Gallon