GRAY MICROFIBER TOWELS – These microfiber towels are made of some of the highest qualities you can buy. They are 16 inches x 16 inches, edgeless, and 470 GSM (grams per square meter.) This is a very soft towel, safe on most surfaces. Use it for applications of spray waxes and quick detailers, like Show Car Mist, wax and polish removal. Use this on hard and soft paints, glass, wheels, exhaust tips, and plastics.

Why use a microfiber? It is a highly absorbent, lint free, light weight, strong and durable towel. It attracts dirt, penetrates small spaces and can absorb as much as six times its own weight in liquid. The positive charge in a microfiber attracts dirt and liquid making it more efficient at absorbing water and dirt than the average cotton terry cloth towel. It is cost efficient to using a microfiber towel since they are durable, resists shrinking and stretching. You can use it over and over.


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Weight 1 lbs