CLAY SPRAY – A lubricant with a contaminate releasing agent to be used with the Clay Bar.

Clay Bars are a great and easy product for removing earthly contaminants and over-spray from the finished surface. The clay bar glides across the Clay Spray (the lubricant) and when it contacts surface contaminants grinds them down. The Clay Spray is designed to lubricate and lift these contaminants. They become trapped in the clay bar and will leave the vehicle surface unbelievably smooth. Our Clay Bars come with a hard plastic storage container.

  • 3000 Grit Clay Bar
  • 8 oz of Clay imported from Japan
  • Hard plastic storage box included
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Instructions For Use:

Liberally mist the Clay Spray onto a 2 ft by 2 ft work area and then proceed to rub clay bar in a side-to-side motion along the work surface. Only work small areas at a time to avoid wasting the product. Continue to lubricate the work surface as needed to prevent the clay from grabbing or clinging to the work area. As the product is working you will notice the clay bar collecting contaminates. Fold the clay in on itself, as it collects contaminates, keeping a clean clay surface.

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Clay Bar & Spray Kit (contains 32 oz Clay Spray & 1 Clay Bar (200 g), Clay Bar, Clay Spray – 32 oz, Clay Spray – Gallon