TIRE ENVY will completely change the way you view tire dressings. Tire Envy is an acrylic based tire dressing that is water based, non-hazardous, silicone free, and dries to the touch in minutes at room temperature. Tire Envy forms a hard, durable coating on the tire yet remains very flexible. The dressing locks out water, repels dirt and contaminants and lasts months instead of weeks over a conventional, silicone-based tire dressing. The level of gloss can be customized by layering the product with additional applications.

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Instructions For Use:

SHAKE WELL. Spray directly onto clean, dry surface. Allow Tire Envy to penetrate for maximum gloss and protection. Allow to air dry. Re-apply if higher gloss is desired. Use regularly for maximum protection. NOTE: Do not use on surfaces where a smooth slick surface is not desirable or unsafe.

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