This wax is a special formula that offers the protection of a wax while maintaining the most user-friendly application possible. No longer do you need to worry about direct sunlight or needing a cool vehicle surface before application. The EZ Carnauba wax is ideal for the busy car enthusiast, with a quick application and removal time and forgiving nature while remaining dust free. If you miss a spot and have to wipe it off days later, it will come off just as easily as it did the first day. While still giving your finish the waxed gloss and protective qualities that are desired.

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Instructions For Use:

Shake well before and during use.

By Hand:  Apply with a microfiber polishing sponge using the side-to-side motion.  Let dry completely then remove with a soft, clean microfiber towel using the same side-to-side motion.  

Orbital Use:  Apply product to orbital bonnet or foam buffing pad.  Spread product evenly with a side-to-side motion and allow to dry completely.  With a clean bonnet or microfiber polishing towel remove product with a side-to-side motion.  Buff to a high glossy shine with moderate pressure.  Reduce pressure as wax disappears.  

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