Cherry Wet Wax provides the showroom finish on the new and used paint. Removing swirl marks, restoring color and gloss to lightly oxidized paint. Contains the highest grade of Carnauba Wax and detergent resistant polymers for a high depth gloss and wet-look shine.

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Instructions For Use:

By Hand:  Apply with a microfiber polish sponge using a side-to-side motion.  Let dry completely then remove with a soft clean microfiber towel using the same side-to-side motion.   

Orbital Use:  Apply product to orbital bonnet or foam buffing pad.  Spread product evenly with a side-to-side motion and allow to dry completely.  With a clean bonnet or microfiber polishing towel remove product with a side-to-side motion.  Buff to a high glossy shine with moderate pressure.  Reduce pressure as wax disappears.

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16 oz, 32 oz, 1 gallon