METAL MAGIC: This Aluminum polish is a water-based product that is fast working and user-friendly product. This is a two-in-one metal polish and sealer. Works extremely well on Polished Aluminum that needs to have a luster brought back to it. Can easily be done by hand or with a polishing mitt. A must have for the show car enthusiast.



Instructions For Use:

Product separates. Shake well before using.

By Hand:  Apply Metal Magic to the cloth and using a circular motion apply to surface that you are polishing.  Turn cloth over and buff to a shine.

High Speed Buffer:  Using a wool buffing pad, apply Metal Magic to the pad, then rub buffing pad onto the surface you are polishing.  Once some of the polish is on the surface, turn buffer on and using medium to high pressure, polish to remove oxidation, then reduce pressure to create maximum gloss.  

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

8 oz bottle